Chesham Fold Fly-Tipping and Litter Survey

Over the last few months, I have been contacted by a number of residents in the Chesham Fold area who have raised the issues of fly-tipping and littering with me. The frequency and concentration of the incidents is concerning so I am now writing to the wider Chesham Fold community to get as many people’s views on the issue as possible.

Fly-tipping and littering can have serious consequences for our communities, not only is it an unsightly inconvenience for residents, but it can also have a significant health and safety impact.

This survey will form the basis of my efforts to address this issue for your community and look at ways to stop this criminal behaviour. The community deserves a robust plan to tackle fly-tipping and littering and this will be the first step in that process.

So please take a moment to fill in the survey below.

Chesham Fold Survey

  • 1 Current Fly-Tipping
  • 2 Littering
  • 3 Your Comments
  • 4 Your Views
  • 5 Your details
How important is the issue of fly-tipping to you?
Not important
Very Important
How bad is the fly-tipping in your area?
Not very bad
Very bad
Are you aware of the council's system for reporting fly-tipping?
Have you reported fly-tipping, either through the council system or through other methods (eg. Through your local councillors or my office)?
If you have reported fly-tipping how satisfied are you with the speed of the response?
Do you believe that additional CCTV would help deter future fly-tipping?