GMSF Survey

Our Green Belt is under threat from the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework. Now's the chance to have your say

GMSF Survey

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1.1 Do you think house building has/will put pressure on any of the following? (Tick all that apply)
1.2 Which of the following statements is closest to your view?
1.3 Do you want to see places like Walshaw and Elton Reservoir taken out of the Mayors Housebuilding Plan for Greater Manchester and protected from housebuilding all together?
1.5 What is your top local environmental priority?


Thank you - One Year On!

A year ago today, you elected me as your Member of Parliament. What a year it's been, but there is more to do! Thank you!

COVID Update

As we move closer to the review of what tier each region is in I wanted to bring you some of the data that I have received about the number of cases that we have in our area. There are definite positives and negatives to be taken from this data.

Latest GM COVID Figures

These are the latest figures for COVID cases in Greater Manchester. The rate for the Greater Manchester area has now dropped to 193.2 for the week ending 27/11/2020 which is excellent progress when compared to the shocking numbers that we were seeing just a few weeks ago.

We have a Vaccine!

Encouraging news about this vaccine. There may still be difficult times ahead but we are getting closer to the end of this awful pandemic.

My vote against Tier 3 Restrictions

After a great deal of thought, I have tonight voted against the plans for the tier system in their current form. This video explains my reasons for doing so.