The Big Radcliffe North and Ainsworth Survey

I want to hear your priorities for Radcliffe North and our nation.

The Boundary Commission has been considering where the boundary of each constituency should lie in an effort to make the number of people each MP represents more equal. Under their current proposals, it would mean you, as a resident of Radcliffe North and Ainsworth, moving from Bury South and into the Bury North constituency, which I have represented since 2019.

While the process of changing the boundary has not quite finished, it is looking likely you will be joining us here in the Bury North constituency.

I have therefore joined with your local councillor, Jo Lancaster, to hear your views.

We want to hear what you think about some of the key local and national issues so you can have the strong voices you deserve representing you at all levels of government.

Over a number of years, I have worked closely with Jo Lancaster and seen her fantastic work in the community. I will continue to work with her to make sure Radcliffe North and Ainsworth becomes an even better place to live, work and thrive.

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey below and help inform us how we can best stand up for you.

Over the coming months, we will be out in the community speaking to as many of you as possible.

And while I’m not yet your MP, you can always contact us if there are any concerns in the local community that you would like to raise.

The Big Radcliffe North and Ainsworth Survey

Do you support our campaign to fix Radcliffe North and Ainsworth's streetlights?
How important are the following benefits that would come from fixing our streetlights?
Making our streets safer at night
Improving road safety
Making our streets easier to navigate at night
Where 0 is no issue and 10 is a big issue