Bury Pipeline Construction Survey

See the full proposals, including an interactive map at:   https://harpconsultation.co.uk/haslingden-walmersley/

Below is an outline from United Utilities of how the planned construction will affect Bury if the planning application is approved. I am now conducting a survey so that residents can see the plans in full and give their views on the project. 

Please have a look at the proposed route for construction traffic through the constituency before completing the survey as there are questions that relate to it.


Why this work is taking place

We’re bringing forward plans to secure the North West’s water supply for generations to come. The Haweswater Aqueduct has been serving people with fresh water since 1955. However, time has taken its toll on the pipeline and work is needed to minimise water disruptions and maintain the high quality of drinking water.

To make sure that the aqueduct continues to provide a secure and long-term water supply for future generations we carried out surveys and local investigations of the 110km aqueduct. This highlighted that essential work is required to replace some sections on the pipeline, which would significantly reduce the risk to both water quality and supply.

The proposed work is taking place across six sections of the 110km pipeline through Cumbria, Lancashire and Greater Manchester. As part of the pre-planning process, we have undertaken one of the largest consultations in our history, engaging with thousands of residents, businesses and stakeholders across Cumbria, Lancashire and Greater Manchester.


Woodgate Hill Site (Moorside and Bury East)

We need to work at our existing site in Bury for approximately three years as this is where the Tunnel Boring Machine will finish constructing the route for the new pipeline. We need to build a shaft here to allow us to remove the Tunnel Boring Machine from the ground. Rather than tunnel from the Woodgate Hill compound as we originally planned we propose to tunnel from the Haslingden Road compound. This will significantly reduce construction activity, minimise traffic, noise and other disturbances in this residential area. The typical number of vehicle movements to and from the Woodgate Hill compound for this work will be between four and eight per hour. A temporary access will be created off Castle Gill Road which is easier for large constructionist vehicles to travel along than our existing site access and is also further from Fairfield Primary School. Some vehicles will need to use the access via Sixth Avenue and Second Avenue until the new temporary access is in place. The access from Castle Hill Road will not affect the memorial forest and we are working with local residents to explore options to manage any impacts on local parking.


White Carr Lane Site (North Manor/Walmersley)

Along a length of around 220 metres in a field off White Carr Lane to the north of Walmersley Golf Club. We will be working in this area for around six months and access will be from Walmersley Old Road and Bentley Lane. The typical number of vehicle movements will be between 25 and 60 per day and we will minimise the frequency and size of vehicles as much as possible. White Carr Lane and the bridleway will remain open during our work though we may require temporary rights of way which will be clearly signposted. We will safely manage the movement of our construction vehicles by imposing a 10mph speed limit on our drivers, undertaking specific training and holding large vehicles under the M66 bridge where banksmen will only allow movement when the road is clear.



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HARP Survey

  • Current Initial views on the new pipeline
  • Your details
Have you heard about the new pipeline before now?
Which of the sites will have an impact on yourself?
Which, if any, of the following do you have concerns about regarding the proposals?
The typical number of vehicle movements from the Woodgate Hill site will be between 40 and 70 per day, do you think that the selected route to the motorway is appropriate?
The typical number of vehicle movements from the White Carr Lane site (near Walmersley Golf Club) will be between 25 and 60 per day, do you think the selected route to the motorway is appropriate?
Would you be interested in attending a public meeting with United Utilities and James Daly MP to learn more about the project and ask any questions that you may have?