Bin Collection Survey

On the 21st June Bury’s Labour Council introduced a new schedule for bin collections which they claimed would lead to a better service for residents. However, the implementation of this has proved to be poorly coordinated and plagued by incompetence and mismanagement from across the Labour leadership in the council.

Many residents have been let down with repeatedly missed bin collections, in many cases waiting over a month between collections. Despite claims from the Labour leadership that they have caught up with grey bin collections, Conservative Councillors and I are still being made aware of missed collections across Bury, Ramsbottom and Tottington.

I will shortly be meeting with Bury Council to raise the concerns of residents and request an explanation for this chaotic process that has left local people who pay their council tax without the standard of services that they deserve.

For this reason, I am seeking your views and experiences of the recent changes to bin collections. I know that this has caused a great deal of concern for many of you and I want to make sure that your views are heard by the council when I meet with them.

So, please fill in my survey below and let me know what you think.

Bins Survery

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Bury's Labour Council have recently changed many bin collections across Bury, Ramsbottom and Tottington. This has caused untold disruption and has led to the cabinet member issuing an apology to residents.

Have your Bin collection dates changed?
Have you had issues with your bin collections?
Which Bins have you had issues with?
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General Waste Bin
Paper Recycling
Garden Waste and Food Bin
In March, Bury Conservatives proposed a "Your bins collected or your money back" scheme, where each time your bin collection was missed, you would receive a refund on part of your council tax. Do you support Bury Conservatives in this?